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A member of

KHI Group

50 years experience in the production and distribution of aluminium slugs for the     manufacture of impact extrusions

      Together with well known producer of equipment, ANDRITZ and SCHULER, we design and erect turn key factories, for the production of slugs

We can modify and improve existing equipment, so that high quality aluminium slugs can be      produced

We furnish drawings for tools and help at the production of tools, so that perfect slugs can be stamped

Advise us your interests and concerns. We will respond with advice and guidance wich will earn your full           satisfaction. 

The attached layout illustrates our producton experience from the processing of aluminium ingot to the shipment of the finished aluminium slugs customer. This experience and knowledge of the complete technology of aluminium production is available to you in whole or in part.


Dipl. Ing. Peter Gruber

Draupromenade 18

A-9500 Villach



Tel.: +43 664 3002332